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He head of Educational-methodic department

Namozov Shuhrat Bahromovich

Qabul vaqti: 15:00 17:00
Telefon: 99866-234-33-90
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  1. Biyagrafiya ma'lumot

    Namozov Shukhrat Bakhromovich was born in 1981 in Khatyrchinsky district of Navoi region.
    Nationality: Turkish.
    Education: higher, 2003, history department (archeology), Samarkand State University,
    In 2011 he graduated from the history department of the National University of Uzbekistan.
    Labor activity
    1999-2003 - student of Samarkand State University
    2003-2004 - teacher of the Samarkand food technology
    2004-2008 - Lecturer Samarkand Agricultural Professional College.
    2008-2009 - Leading Specialist of Tashkent Law College
    2009-2009 - Lecturer at the Tashkent Banking College.
    2009-2011 - Master of the National University of Uzbekistan.
    2011-2014 ownership. - teacher of Samarkand agricultural vocational college
    2014-2017yy. - Head of the Department of Spirituality and Education and Talented Youth of the Samarkand Agricultural Institute
    2017-2018 - Deputy Director for Spirituality and History Teacher, 29th Samarkand Secondary School
    2018y-x.v - Head of the Department for Youth and Students of the Samarkand Institute of Veterinary Medicine
    Service life: 16
    Professional experience: 12 years
    Subjects taught: History of Uzbekistan:
    Marital status: married, has three children.

  2. Ilmiy Tadqiqot ishlari

The Department of Youth and Students is committed to the promotion of human rights and values through the establishment of democratic principles based on national and universal values among students, in particular physically healthy, mentally and spiritually minded, independent and independent, carries out a long-term, comprehensive spiritual and moral educational program, aimed at educating an intelligent person.
The Department for Work with Students and Students is guided by the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees and Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, and the provisions of this section.
The main goal of the Department of Youth and Students is to educate students in a spirit of commitment to national and universal values, strengthen their spiritual, aesthetic, ethical views, protect their thinking from the impact of various non-religious ideas, this is the real fraternity of Uzbekistan.
The main tasks of the department for work with students and students: - holding cultural and cultural events in the country; - the establishment of ethical, aesthetic, political, legal, artistic education among students; - organization of conferences, round tables and meetings based on national traditions and values;
- promoting the improvement of students' spiritual and physical development;
- identification of priority areas of spiritual, educational and educational work at the institute, the development of the necessary regulatory documents and ensuring its implementation;
- active participation in the improvement of spiritual and educational work in cooperation with the city, district departments of the Center "Spirituality and Enlightenment" and foundations operating in the country, public organizations.
Organizes, coordinates and monitors institutional spiritual education directly with the heads of the jury.

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