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Muydinov Olim Bekmuratovich

Economist - 2009 Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction

2016 y. Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service (master's degree)

The impact of agribusiness development on the well-being of the population in rural areas


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Isomiddinov Yuldosh Yusubboevich

Historian-archaeologist - 2010 Samarkand State University

2012 y. Samarkand State University (master's degree)

The problem of the social ideal in the history of Eastern philosophy


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Donakulova Dilafruz


Philologist (Russian) - 2017 National University of Uzbekistan (full-time)

2019 Samarkand State University (Master's program)

Typology of heroes in small prose in Russian literature of the 70-90s of the XX century.


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Ochilov Ulugbek Abdukhamidovich

2010-2014. Samarkand State University, Faculty of Natural Sciences

2014-2016yy. Samarkand State University, Faculty of Natural Sciences



Introduction of promising ornamental trees in Samarkand conditions


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Atabayeva Zarnigor Bahran kizi

Education: Higher

Bachelor of Uzbek state world languages university 2010-2014 Faculty of English Philology:

2014-2016 Master's Degree in Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages Faculty of English Philology



Detective genre of English literature. Agatha Christie



Eshankulov Laziz Norkobul oglu

2010-2014 Samarkand State University (full-time)

2016-2018 Samarkand State University (master's degree) Methods of teaching social sciences and humanities (Fundamentals of Spirituality)

Human value - as the highest value