Fakultet-veterinariya profilaktikasi va davolash fakulteti

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Ilmiy darajasi: Dean of faculty of veterinary prevention and treatment

Niyozov Hakim Bakoevich

Qabul vaqti: From Monday to Friday, every working day at 3 00 дан 5 00 PM, in the clinic building
Telefon: 99891 548-60-55
Elektron pochta: samvmi@edu.uz

  1. Biyagrafiya ma'lumot

    Niyozov Hakim Bakoevich was born in 1960, Shofirkon district, Bukhara region
    Nationality: Uzbek
    Education: High,  graduated veterinary faculty of Samarkand Agricultural Institute by  speciality doctor of veterinary (1984).  
    Labor activity: aspirant of scientific research institute (1987-1989), assistant, dotsent, head of of chair “Veterinary  surgery” of Samarkand Agricultural Institute (1989-2014), dean of Veterinary faculty (2015-2018).
    Scientific degree: Doctor of veterinary sciences
    Scientific title: Dotsent
    Work experience: 44 year
    Pedagogical experience:  29 year
    Teaching subjects: General and private, training and diseases of horses
    Scientific publications: author more than 260 scientific articles, recomondations, textbooks, tutorials, methodic tutorials, monography. Head of Republic projects, member of international projects.
    Scientific supervisory: was supervised more than 100 bachelors students, more than 30 master students, 3 PhD students. Marital status: Married, has 3 chidren

  2. Ilmiy Tadqiqot ishlari

    Dosent of chair of “Veterinary surgery and obstetrics of the Samarkand Institute of veterinary medicine”

    Highly theoretical, scientific, methodological and professional training of lectures, laboratory, practical and other types of training in all forms of education (in-production and in-production), established in accordance with state educational standards of higher education;

    Guidance of students' practice, course projects (projects), final qualifying works, master's theses, as well as independent work;

    To carry out rating control of student knowledge;

    Conducting extra-curricular activities of students;

    Guidance of students' practice, course projects (projects), final qualifying works, master's theses, as well as independent work;

    To carry out rating control of student knowledge;

    Conducting extra-curricular activities of students;

    Training highly qualified personnel that meet the highest moral and ethical standards at the level of developed democracies;

    Development and submission of the approved curriculum for the disciplines of the department, as well as preparation of comments and conclusions on the curricula prepared by related departments;

    Preparation of textbooks, teaching, methodological and visual aids, as well as drawing conclusions on the instructions of the rector of the university, including textbooks, manuals and teaching materials, including co-authored with foreign scientists; participating in the preparation of necessary teaching and methodological literature on orders from other educational institutions;

    Working with gifted students, preparing them for participation in the Olympiads and contests, including the contest of the "Istedod" Fund, improving the forms and methods of independent training of students; taking measures to increase the volume of independent training through optimization of classroom work;

    Conducting scientific research in accordance with the approved plan, discussing completed research activities and introducing their results into production, recommending publication of dissertations;

    Ensuring effective integration of education, science and industry; directing students' research work; supervising trainee-researchers-researchers, independent researchers.

    Studying, generalization and dissemination of experience of experienced teachers, introduction of new pedagogical technologies;

    Assisting teachers who are engaged in pedagogical activity in the acquisition of pedagogical skills; to use modern teaching techniques and individual training, independent learning in the process of creating a database, training sessions;

    Development of distance education; highlighting the experience of foreign educational institutions;

    Training of competitive and scientific pedagogical staff; consideration of dissertations submitted by members of the department or other researchers on behalf of the rector; participation in expert groups to determine the equivalence of education documents;

    Establishing links with industry, agricultural enterprises, cooperatives, peasants, farmers and other farms to attract extra-budgetary funds, as well as scientific and technical support;

    Organization of regular contacts with those who have graduated from the university and passed the trainee-researcher institute;

    Carrying out activities to improve the skills of the department profile specialists;

    Extensive development of educational services;

    Development of international relations with foreign partners, scientific and educational institutions �витие образовательных услуг;


    Развитие международных связей с зарубежными партнерами, научными и образовательными 

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