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Head of Department 2

Juraev Tolib Nurmamadovich

Qabul vaqti: Daily from 2 pm to 3 pm
Telefon: 99890 505-76-45. Fax : 99866 234-07-86
Elektron pochta:

  1. Biyagrafiya ma'lumot

    Year of birth: Juraev Tolib Nurmamadovich gave birth on March 10, 1958 to the city of Samarkand
    Higher education
    Graduated (when and what): Samarkand Agricultural Institute in 1988.
    Nationality: Uzbek
    Specialty: Mechanical Engineer
    Labor activity:
    1972-1976 biennium ..- Student of the Samarkand Ministry of Agriculture
    1976-1978 years .. -Service Armed Forces
    1979-1979 .- Training master in vocational school number 9 of Samarkand
    1980-1998 ..- Educational Master of SAMSKHI
    1998 n.v.-Head of the 2-part SAMSHI
    2018 - N.V. Head of the 2-part Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Medicine
    Work experience: 39 year
    Marital status: Married, 5 children.

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