The department "Anatomy, Histology and Pathological Anatomy of Animals" since 1930 functioned as two departments: "Anatomy of Animals" and "Histology and Pathological Anatomy". The first heads of the department “Animal Anatomy” were associate professors V. S. Naydenov and A. A. Aleutsky, and in 1931-1959 the department was headed by Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan, Professor P. P. Vinogradov. In 1959-1988, the department was headed by a student of Professor P.P. Vinogradov, Honored Agricultural Worker of Uzbekistan, Professor D.Kh. Narziev, who, having prepared 6 candidates of sciences, created a school of veterinary anatomy.

            The founders of the Department of Histology and Pathological Anatomy are Professor G.M.Semenov and his student D.A. Alimov. During 1965-1994, the head of the department was Professor Sh.I. Ibrahimov. He prepared 6 candidates of sciences. In 1989, two departments, which added the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Pathological Anatomy of Animals, were merged into one department called the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Pathological Anatomy, which lasted until 2004.
            In connection with the change in the organizational structure of the institute, the department of "Anatomy, Physiology, Animal Surgery and Pharmacology" was organized, which at different times was led by Professor Sh.I. Ibrahimov, Associate Professor M.Kh. Allamurodov, Associate Professor H. B. Niyozov, Associate Professor B. D. .Narziev.
            Since 2018, the department was renamed the department of "Anatomy, histology and pathological anatomy of animals", Professor N.B.Dilmurodov heads the department.
            The department employs 16 people of the teaching staff, of which 7 people have academic degrees: 2 doctors of sciences (DSc) (1 professor), 5 candidates of sciences (4 associate professors), 9 teachers do not have a scientific degree.
            The following disciplines are taught at the department for undergraduate students in all areas of “Veterinary Medicine” and “Zootechnics (by type)”:
            - "Anatomy of animals";
            - "Cytology, histology and embryology";
            - “Pathological anatomy, autopsy and veterinary forensic examination”;
            - "Morphology of animals";
            - "Morphology of fish."
            Graduate students:
            - “Theoretical foundations of morphology and clinical pathophysiology of animals”;
            - "Evolutionary morphology of animals";
            - “Theoretical foundations of functional cytomorphology”;
            - “Scientific foundations of functional pathomorphology and oncology”;
            - "Fundamentals of embryogenesis and morphogenesis."
            The international cooperation. Employees of the department cooperate with many leading universities of foreign countries, such as: USA, Belgium, England, Cyprus, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Russian Federation, Belarus, etc.
The department is working in close collaboration with leading scientists of foreign countries on the Erasmus program + international projects “SPHERA” and “BUZNET”.
            Students of the educational direction study at the department: 5440100 - "Veterinary medicine (by type of activity)", 5440300 - "Veterinary diagnostics and laboratory science", 5440400 - "Veterinary sanitary examination", 5410600 - "Zoo engineering (by type)".
            The department has a master's degree in specialty 5A440106 - "Pathology, Oncology and Animal Morphology" and a doctoral program in specialty 16.00.02 - "Pathology, Oncology and Animal Morphology. Veterinary obstetrics and animal reproduction biotechnology. "

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