Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Samarkand Veterinary MedicineInstitute
Elmurodov Abdugani Aktamovich

Office hours: Mondays, Fridays from 15:00 to 17:00.
Phone: +998662340786

Elmurodov Abdugani Aktamovich was born in 1969 in the Okdaryo district of the Samarkand region.
Nationality: Uzbek
Education: higher, graduated from the Samarkand Agricultural Institute, agronomic faculty (1991), postgraduate studies (1994), in 1998 defended the candidate's, in 2017, doctoral dissertations.
Work experience:
Scientific associate in the contract of the chair of plant breeding, breeding and seed-growing (1995), assistant (1996), associate professor (2002), head of the educational-methodical department of the institute (2002-2004), deputy dean of the agronomical faculty (2005-2008), head of teaching Department of the Institute (2008-2012), the first Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the Institute (2012-2018), from July 9 to the present, Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Processing of Livestock Products.
Degree: Doctor of Science
Academic rank: Associate Professor
Work experience: 27 years
Teaching experience: 22 years
Subject taught: Agricultural Biotechnology
Achievements: In the framework of international projects on the improvement of curricula for higher education, he upgraded his qualifications in Georgia (2009), Czech Republic, (Prague) in 2016, in the USA (2018)
Scientific works: Author of 114 articles on plant breeding, breeding and seed production, 6 methodical manuals, 2 manuals, 4 recommendations. He created a new grade of Jerusalem artichoke "E'tirof" or "Confession". In 1998 he defended his thesis on the topic: "Growing potatoes in seedlings from seed depending on the scheme of thickening," in 2017, a doctoral thesis on the topic: "The creation of technology for growing Jerusalem artichoke in the Zeravshan Valley"
Marital status: Married, has two children.