Scientific Council DSc.06/30.12.2019.V.12.01, which awarding of the scientific degree of Doctor of Veterinary Science (DSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the Institute, was approved by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The Scientific Council operates in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation “On the Scientific Council for awarding scientific degrees”.
The Scientific Council is allowed to conduct defense in the following areas:
16.00.01-Diagnosis, therapy and surgery of animal diseases (in veterinary science);
16.00.02-Animal pathology, oncology and morphology. Veterinary Obstetrics and Animal Reproduction Biotechnology (in Veterinary Science);
16.00.03-Veterinary microbiology, virology, epyzootology, mycology, mycotoxicology and immunology (in veterinary science);
03.00.06- Zoology (in veterinary science).
On the basis of this scientific councils, is allowed to create a one-time scientific council on the following specialties: 16.00.04-Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology. Veterinary sanitation, ecology, zoohygiena and veterinar-sanitary expertise (in veterinary science).