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Dear Colleagues!

Students applying for this project should enroll in the SamIVM International Cooperation Department. Deadline is 23 January, 2020

The qualifying exam will be held February 26-27, 2020

Below you will find a link to register candidates for the 1st practical semester of 2020 in the international master course Agrarian Management at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf from March to September 2020.

In the link you will find an online application form for registration.
All candidates who are going to hold the first practical semester on int. Master's course "Agricultural Management" at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf,
must be registered on the site before 15/02/2019 and upload the necessary documents (files in pdf format, the name of the files only in Latin letters and not more than 2 MB):

EN_ Admission requirements: https://ima.hswt.de/en/studium-en/zulassung-en

Information on the admission conditions and the language certificate for the practical semester in the international master course "Agricultural Management" at the University of Weihenstein-Triesdorf can be found in this links in German and Russian:

EN_IMA Study: https://ima.hswt.de/en/studium-en

RU_IMA учеба: https://ima.hswt.de/ru/studium-ru

Detailed information on the practice can also be found at:



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