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Demo lessons continue…

Lecturer at the Department of Parasitology and Veterinary Medicine at the Institute Abdurahmon Tursunkulov held demo lesson with students of the faculty of veterinary diagnostics and food safety.

The topic of the demo lesson: "Morphology and diagnosis of nematodes." For analysis experienced professors, assistants and dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Diagnostics and Food Safety, Professor R.B. Davlatov, associate professors P. Hakberdiev, T. Toilokov, Sh. Kurbonov came.

When examining people and animals for other diseases, you can determine the infection with some kind of helminth, even when they are healthy. Of course, there are meaningless words that we came across in our lives, Echinococcus, Ascaris and so on. Nemotode also enter there.

The lesson provides information about:

- The biological significance of nematodes

- The nervous system

- The allocation system

- Genital and reproduction

- Treatment, prevention and nematodes

As medical experts say: “A disease is better to prevent than to cure.” After all, we need to protect humans and humanity from helminthiases.

Samar Muidinov


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